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About Kingwo


Shenzhen Kingwo IoT Ltd (Hereby referred to “Kingwo”) is a high tech company focus on IoT technology, our business includes development and research, manufacturing , sale and operations of Beidou/GPS location service products. Our products covers to vehicle location service, asset location service, person location service and platform big data operation etc, our purpose is to provide software and hardware solutions for the Beidou/GPS all over the world.

Kingwo has very experienced R&D software and hardware team with a number of R&D design patents, the Beidou/GPS products that are provided by our company has been widely used in logistics, taxi, public transportation, banking, postal service, military police.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the auto finance in domestic market, Kingwo has become a mainstream supplier of automotive financial risky control which based on Bediou/GPS technology, as “internet +expert of auto financial risky control products”, Kingwo has won good reputation and the market share has increased by 100% every year for three consecutive years. Among them, the self-developed 3-year long standby location terminal took up 1/3 of the national market share in 2015.

Adhering to the "customer-oriented" service concept, Kingwo will continue to focus on the location service sector, and continue to innovate around the needs of customers such as Internet+, auto finance, vehicle location services, asset location services, and person location services to provide the competitive products and service for the operators in the world and create maximum value for customers.