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NT08E is an eMTC NB CatM1 Asset GPS Tracker with 20000Mah battery, it has built in G-sensor, motion sensor, light sensor. It’s ideally suitable for Asset tracking market.

    ◆ No wired needed, easy for installation 

    ◆ Built in G-sensor

    ◆ Temperature monitor

    ◆ Built-in large-capacity disposable lithium-ion battery, with ultra-low self-discharge rate and extremely wide temperature adaptability.

    ◆ Battery can be last for 10 years based on reports one GPS position every day

    ◆ Ultra low consumption, decrease to 15uA below when in sleep mode

    ◆ Strong magnetic and screws installation

    ◆ Support tamper proof alarm

    ◆ Multiple position mode: GPS, Wifi,AGPS, LBS

    ◆ Jamming detection

    ◆ IP67 waterproof

    ◆ Regular mode, clock mode, track mode

    ◆ Position and monitor 

    ◆ GPS/Wifi/LBS Need map database support)

    ◆ Temperature monitor

    ◆ AGPS Positioning

    ◆ Different tracking modes

    ◆ Motion alarm  

    ◆ Removal alarm

    ◆ History data storage 

      Physical   Dimension    154X82X30mm(L*W*H)
      Weight   350±5g
      Cellular   Communication module   Quectel BG95
      Working frequency:
      Cat M1: LTE-FDD
      Cat NB2: LTE-FDD

      EGPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
      protocol: Embedded TCP/IP stack

      Output power: Class 4 (2W)@850/900MHz

      Class 1 (1W)@1800/1900MHz
      GPRS data: GPRS Class 10, Mobile Station Class B

      Channels: 50
      Sensitivity: -147dBm
      Position accuracy:5-10m
      Accuracy: 5m CEP
      Cold start: <27s
      Hot start: <1s

      Processor      STM32G070CB
      Motion sensor      DA260
      Wifi position      Wifi 4.0
      Bluetooth      Bluetooth 5.0
      Power   Battery
      Disposable Lithium-ion battery and (3.6V,20000mAh)
      and ultra-low discharge rate:less than 1%, store one year below 25℃

      Power consumption    Average working current <100mA; Power save current <15uA;
      GSM antenna   Internal High Gain
      GPS antenna   Internal High Gain
      SIM   Microsim
      Indicator   2 status LEDs, Green: GPS, Red: Celluar(Inside enclosure)


      Working Temperature   -20℃ ~ +70℃
      Humidity   5% ~ 95% (no fog)
      Ingress Protection Rating   IP67