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MT12 is 2G tracker which is specially designed for containers and other types of assets. It has the same shape as the air vent on the container, the device has an 8100 or 10800mah battery built inside and it can last above 3 or 5 years if upload data once a day.

    1  Highlights

    ◆   Container air vent shape, easy to install

    ◆   3 or 5 years working time if upload data once a day

    ◆   Lower power consumption, less than while in sleep mode

    ◆   IP67 waterproof

    ◆   Build in G-sensor  

    ◆   Support Esim for vibration resist

    ◆   Support tamper proof alarm

    ◆   Multiple position mode: GPS, AGPS, LBS

    ◆   Supports OTA upgrading, reduce maintenance on site

    ◆   Supports 2 guardian numbers to remote monitoring and receiving alarms


    ◆  Position and monitor

    ◆  GPS Positioning

    ◆  AGPS Positioning

    ◆  LBS Positioning(Need map database support)

    ◆  Intelligent Tracking

    ◆  Motion alarm  

    ◆  Battery Level Detect

    ◆  Built in Esim(Optional)

    ◆  Light Sensor

    ◆  Blind Zone Compensation

    ◆  Clock Mode

      Physical   Dimension   205mm*68mm*27mm(L*W*H)
      Weight   200±5g
      Cellular   Communication module   Fibcom G500L
      Working frequency:

      GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz


      Output power:
      Class 4 (2W)@850/900MHz
      Class 1 (1W)@1800/1900MHz

      GPRS data: GPRS Class 10, Mobile Station Class B

      Channels: 50
      Sensitivity: -147dBm
      Position accuracy:5-10m
      Accuracy: 5m CEP
      Cold start: <27s
      Hot start: <1s

      Power   Battery
      Disposable Lithium-ion battery and (3.6V,8100 or 10800 mAh
    )   and ultra-low discharge rate:less than 1%, store one year below 25℃

      Power consumption    Average working current <100mA; Power save current <15uA;
      GSM antenna   Internal High Gain
      GPS antenna   Internal High Gain
      SIM   Microsim
      Indicator   2 status LEDs, Green: GPS, Red: EMTC


      Working Temperature   -20℃ ~ +70℃
      Humidity   5% ~ 95% (no fog)
      Ingress Protection Rating   IP67