IoT location service leadership brand

1. How to fill in the new vehicle information and select protocol type?

Answer: Click device management on the 365 auto online platform, click add on the navigation bar, fill in the vehicle number, device ID and SIM number on the left side of the pop-up window, and fill in the device type and agreement type on the right side of the pop-up window.


2. How to configure IP and port?

Answer: There are two ways to configure IP and port.

Edit with SMS: *88*1119023233052*8881*1# to send the card number to the device, the device will will reply after received the number: succeed or set ok.

Edit with SMS: *88**8881*1# to send the card number to the device,  the device will will reply after received the number: succeed or set ok.


3.Why does the first positioning location of the equipment not match with the current location?

Answer: This is the first positioning location of the equipment. The positioning location is usually in urban of shenzhen city. The location will be updated to the current location after several minutes of normal use.


4. What is the reason for inaccurate positioning of base station?

Answer: The positioning location of the base station of wired equipment and wireless equipment is automatically matched by the information database of the base station uploaded nearby. The location of the location is determined by the base station randomly.


5. How many solutions are available if a device cannot be connected?

Answer: If the device is not connected, please check the following points:

1) To check whether the card is arrearage and whether the card slot is inserted in reverse;

2) To confirm whether added the vehicle information and protocol on the platform

3) Whether the device is dormant.


6. How to distinguish the wired equipment and the wireless equipment?

Answer: The wired equipment needs external power supply, and the power supply port supplies power to the equipment, such as MT01, MT02, MT03, MT08 and T series.The wireless device is built in with a highly polymerized lithium battery and it does not require external power. Such as MT05, MT06, MT07, etc.


7. How is the wiring of the wired equipment connected?

Answer: Red wire should connect with the positive pole, black wire should connect with the negative pole, white (orange) should connect ACC, yellow wire should connect the oil-break wire.


8.Whether the wake time of the device can be set freely?

Answer: Sure. To edit a SMS:HX,T, to send the card number to the device, and it can be set the time interval freely (range:30 min-1440 min). After setting receiving successfully, the setting success message will be returned.  


9. Is the device still working properly with bad signal or entering signal blind area?

Answer: The device works normally by using GPS positioning. When the signal is bad or enters the signal blind area, it will automatically switch to base station positioning mode.

Automatic switching of working mode to ensure normal operation of equipment.


10.What are the requirements for installing the new equipment?

Answer: The new equipment should be shut down before installation, and the wired equipment should be wired according to the requirements, and then the card should be put before starting up to check whether the equipment is online.The wireless device is turned off and put on the card. Put the device in a good signal place outside to check if it is on line.