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Kingwo&Vodofo Successful Exhibition To BICES 2023

Kingwo&Vodofo Successful Exhibition To BICES 2023

During the exhibition, we proudly launched a series of construction machinery exhaust monitoring solutions, fleet management solutions, asset management solutions and personnel safety management solutions, which have been unanimously recognized by customers in the booth.

Our headquarters (Vodofo) and our Kingwo have more than 13 years of experience and global business in 150 countries, and have become reliable partners in the field of Internet of Things equipment. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us trust in countless partners and customers.

With the end of exhibition, we would like to express their sincere gratitude to everyone who joined us. The activity has achieved great success. Establishing meaningful connections and sharing will affect the future knowledge of the industry.

Keep in contact with us to get the latest information about our latest companies and the upcoming activities. We eagerly wait for the next opportunity to interact with you and make contributions to your business growth soon.

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